Berend van Wachem

The main research areas of Berend van Wachem are Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Flow, Numerical Methods, and Turbulence Modelling. The goal of his research is to develop a holistic research approach across the scales for understanding complex flows and to disseminate this approach and its results to society and industry. This consists out of the development and application of theoretical, numerical and computational research. He is one of the editors of the "Best Practice Guidelines for Computational Fluid Dynamics of Dispersed Multiphase Flows", has contributed to the "Multiphase Flow Handbook", and has published a number of review papers on multiphase flow modeling and understanding. More information on his publications can be found here.

His inaugural lecture can be viewed here.

Fabian Denner

Research interests

Fabian's research focuses on the complex dynamic behaviour of fluid interfaces and the associated instabilities and transport mechanisms, as well as the development of novel numerical methods to model and predict interfacial flows. The prime objective of Fabian's work is the development of pioneering numerical methods that enable and drive a paradigm shift from experimental to computational development of engineering applications and processes that feature interfacial flows and rely on an in-depth understanding of interfacial transport mechanisms. In addition, Fabian is actively working on coupled finite-volume frameworks for multiphase flows and the integration of different multiphase flow modelling approaches with each other.
In March 2015, Fabian was awarded a prestigious fellowship by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) to conduct research on direct numerical modelling of transport mechanisms in microscopic interfacial flows and further the understanding of the complex physicochemical phenomena that dominate these flows.


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (lecturer), Imperial College London, London (UK), since 2015
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (teaching assistant), Imperial College London, London (UK), 2010-2012
  • Computing I (teaching assistant), Imperial College London, London (UK), 2010


  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London, London (UK), 2013
  • Dipl.-Ing. in Automotive Engineering, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart (D), 2009EPSRC Fellow, Imperial College London, London (UK), since 07/2015
  • Research Associate, Imperial College London, London (UK), 12/2013 - 06/2015
  • PhD Candidate, Imperial College London, London (UK), 12/2009 - 11/2013
  • Student Research Assistant, ETH Zürich, Zürich (CH), 06/2009 - 11/2009
  • Intern, Alstom Switzerland, Baden (CH), 11/2008 - 04/2009
  • Working Student, Porsche AG, Weissach (D), 06/2008 - 10/2008
  • Working Student, TWT GmbH, Neuhausen a.d.F. (D), 01/2008 - 05/2008
  • Student Research Assistant, DLR, Stuttgart (D), 07/2006 - 12/2007
  • Working Student, Porsche AG, Stuttgart (D), 01/2004 - 09/2006